Arduino - Nuki Bridge - Smartlock

First of all, sorry for my bad english.
I have the following problem. An RFID Reader is installed on my house, which is
connected to an analog relay. I want to use this reader with the nuki smartlock.
I have solved this problem already with an modified KeyFob (wire soldered on the button).
But it is not working good, i´ve got a few failure with this solution.
Now i ordered a ESP8266 Arduino which i want to connect to the bridge.
The arduino should trigger the relay and send an opening signal to the bridge an forward to the smartlock.
Is this solution already tested by someone?
Or someone could help me to get this thing run?


I´ve done it.
With help from this thread:

Thanks to threadstarter Lukas. I build my own sketch for my ESP8266.
Fell free to contact me, if you had the same problem.