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Nuki 3.0(+Pro) with Nuki Door Senzor


Can you add Nuki Door Senzor to Apple HomeKit like normal Senzor? To check if door is open or close.

I tried to add it but it does not appear in the Home app. It should be possible since most of these accessories support it (I have a few Aqara sensors that work perfectly). Maybe via the Nuki Bridge?

Nuki cant do that. It is a missing function. Please click to “Vote”.

There’s an HTTP API that exposes its current state, but every implementation of it (I.e Homebridge) is super slow. Fastest update I’ve seen is 10+ seconds.

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I try it. 10s is very slow.
We need it native!! pls VOTE

Get a 15 euro Aqara sensor instead. I use both Nuki and Aqara on my door. Looks a bit funky but is very reliable

When aqara create smartlock nuki will loose many many clients, still not understand why nuki NOT lisen or answer homekit users……

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