Apple HomeKey

With the Aqara U200 now confirmed to have Apple HomeKey support I’m guessing that apple has agreed that a device does not need to be connected physically to the inside lock. The U200 is a retrofit smart lock, just as the Nuki is and Aqara are implementing the HomeKey support in their keypad/fingerprint accessory that sits on the outside of the door or on a nearby wall. Initially was this a stumbling block for Nuki too when trying to incorporate HomeKey into the 4th generation smart lock? If this is now an option moving forward I’m hopeful that Nuki will release something soon which will incorporate HomeKey. My request would be that Nuki could release an accessory without a keypad but supports HomeKey, maybe a touch pad of some sort. I like their keypad 2.0 with fingerprint sensor but not all of us want to make it obvious we have a smart lock fitted. I like to keep it hidden but have HomeKey support and the best way for that is to release the aforementioned touch pad as an option, perhaps together with a keypad option also. Please could you release HomeKey without a keypad so that the door does not look like it has a smart lock?