APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 3.1.0-Beta

We released a new iOS app version 3.1.0 Beta .

What’s new?

3.1.0 (2191) Beta 1 - 02.12.2021


  • Auto Unlock: introduced “Attention Mode” in the expert settings of Auto Unlock. By activating this mode, the Nuki app is active more often and receives regular location updates. We expect this to bring significant improvements to Auto Unlock.


  • Apple Watch: Fixed a bug where devices are not (initially) synced.

Please update your Nuki app and give us your feedback!


I have been on the iOS beta track since mid 2020 and it’s worked quite well. Auto Unlock had been rock solid. However Auto-unlock does not appear to work at all with this latest release.

Instead of being intermittent etc it simply does not trigger at all.

I have checked all the settings and Attention mode is set to on (by default already). See screenshot.

Looking at the “Last Auto Unlock” screen there are many geofence events missing.

Phone: iPhone 13 pro max
OS: iOS 15.1.1
Nuki app version: 3.1.0 (2191)
Nuki firmware: 2.11.9
Location: Australia


Please try the following:

  1. Check in iOS settings > Nuki if backgrounding is on and location access is set to always. Reboot your iPhone.
  2. Switch off Auto-Unlock, Smart Warnings & Notifications. In Smart Lock administration > Location change the location of the Smart Lock slightly (1-2m is enough). Switch on Auto-Unlock again.
  3. Before you leave the house, start the Nuki App and let it run in the background (= go back to Home Screen without swipe the app up in the multitasking drawer / killing it).

1 and 2 should already be enough. It might take 1-2 exists before things start to work though. If this does not help try 3. If this does not help, send an error log from the Nuki App Menu > Help > Contact customer support and post the ticket number in a reply here in the board.

Thanks. I already tried items 1 and 2 before I posted but will give #3 a go.
Normally I only need to do that once whenever an app version is updated (thanks to the Testflight popup) but maybe I need to do that after a restart.

Interestingly I never had this issue on my old iPhone 12 PM or the newer iPhone 13 PM even on beta versions of iOS. I was wondering if some of the logic had changed with the new “Attention mode” that was causing issues.

Will report back with a bit more testing over the next day or two.

Just an update. After toggling the “attention mode” option the functionality is back to normal (except for a couple of warnings from iOS about Nuki accessing location data 40-50 times. This has happened twice so far and each time I’ve set location to “allow” at all times).

The previous functionality worked well for me. Hopefully the new attention mode can still be optimised.

@Stefan_A, I was one of the iOS15 heavily impacted users.
Is “attention mode” a sort of temporary workaround while you are sorting things out with Apple or it is a long-term solution?
I am concerned about the excessive usage of my phone battery.
Don’t get me wrong, I am really happy about the workaround because the auto-unlock issue was SUPER annoying, but I dream of a better, iOS15 integrated, solution.

Thank you


We’re monitoring how the upcoming versions of iOS improve.

Could you please share feedback about the excessive battery usage?