APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2024.6.1-Beta / 2024.6.2-Beta

We released a new iOS app version 2024.6.1-Beta.

What’s new?

2024.6.1 (2541) 27.05.2024-Beta


  • Italian is now available as support Language :it:
  • Guarantee Plus back in the app - sorry for the inconvenience


  • For your Spanish app users the open door warning is not correctly translated and shown.
  • We fixed a problem where it was not possible to performa a lock action for the Nuki Opener with the Apple Watch app.
  • We fixed a mixup during the Smart Lock welcome flow for advising the wrong mounting plate.

2024.6.2 (2546) 05.06.2024-Beta


  • We fixed an issue for the Post In-Home Delivery starting with July.

2024.6.2 (2547) 06.06.2024-Beta


  • We fixed an crash when accessing Guarantee Plus from the in-app notification center.

2024.6.2 (2549) 11.06.2024-Beta


  • We fixed an additional issue for the Post In-Home Delivery starting with July.

Please update your Nuki app and share your experience.

It would be very welcome have support for Portuguese (European) - I know it’s a small market, but for some users the absence of support for Portuguese is a no-no.

Particularly for me is not a limitation, but some people that I suggested to use Nuki it was mandatory for them.

We released a new version 2024.6.2.