APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2023.8.1-Beta / 2023.8.2-Beta

We released a new iOS app version 2023.8.1.

What’s new?

2023.8.1 (2428) 27.07.2023

With this beta release we introduce anonymized app analytics. You can opt-in when opening the app, more information available here.


  • Improved Overview: You now have a better overview of your devices in the Nuki app. Switching between the Favorites view and the “All Devices” view is now effortless; just tap the arrow icon (dropdown menu) next to the Nuki logo on your main screen.
  • Add New Devices: With the latest update, our sidebar has received a new design. To add new devices, simply use the renamed menu option “Add Devices.”


  • Performance optimizations and bug fixes
  • watchOS: Fixed the sort order, favorites are first in order.

2023.8.2 (2432) 04.08.2023


  • Fixes some small UI glitches for the Nuki Opener accessories section and app Shortcut settings.