APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2.8.0

We released a new iOS app version 2.8.0 .

What’s new?

2.8.0 (2108) - 08.07.2021


  • Add exclusive Nuki service packages to your Nuki device directly via the Nuki app.


  • several bugfixes and performance improvements

Please update your Nuki app and give us your feedback!

What does the term ‘service packages’ mean? Are we talking about in app purchases?

I disable BT on my iPhone to check if the “open from remote” function works.
The status of the Lock is not visible anymore, despite that the connection status shows that the iPhone is connected via Server/Bridge.
This is safer then the previous Beta where I could open the door from remote without any warning :), but it does not work like before.
This issue is persistent, regardless if I am using WLAN or LTE.
When I try via the Widget to open the door, I get a 3x beep, nothing happens.

Details for the Nuki service packages can be found on

That’s a bummer… Why is it that very few businesses are self-sustaining these days? Pretty much everything evolves into subscriptions and recurring payments. I’m going to sell my Nuki system now.

Because you are relying on a service (cloud servers) to ensure the security of remote access. You probably would not be outraged that none of your lights turned on if you had only installed a few light bulbs in the lamp sockets without paying for the electricity bill.

Yet, you do apparently expect that this entire usage cost for (many years of) remotely accessible and secure authentication service to your locked door (24/7) should be included in a quality product with a the purchasing price of less than €200.

Great news for you in that case: you actually don’t have to pay fees for normal usage. The package above seems like an additional or extended warranty.

Sebastian, you can find more detailed information on the packages on our blog: Extra security and protection for your Smart Lock: Nuki Care & Protect and Nuki Guarantee Plus - Nuki

Both packages are optional, all services remain the same.

Of course they are. They’re always completely optional at first. Until they’re not. Cheers.

@Stefan_A , can you relocate the remote connection issue I described?

Please contact our customer support via “Help → Contact customer support” if you still experience this issue.

You can disable the warnings via “Security → Warn when opening the door”, hope this answers your question.

the missing warning was an issue prior to 2.80(2108), I have communicated about that with @Elisabeth_B . I think this was really critical. Actually I cannot check if its gone due to the newly introduced issue:
The malfunction of not having remote access despite server-to-bridge connection being established in new since 2.80(2108) and still present in 2.8.1(2). I have raised that issue to support

Since my iPhone with iOS 15.0 (Public Beta) updated the Nuki App to the version 2.8.1 on Sunday I am unable to reach my lock via mobile Internet. When connecting via WiFi everything works fine, but as soon as I deactivate wifi and try with mobile Internet it doesn’t work anymore.

Thank you for your report. We will have a look at it.

I have checked, the issue seems not only to be present with the 2.8.x beta releases but also with the standard Nuki iOS version. So it might be related to the Bridge, which is in my case also part of the beta program and Rev 1.
I have send my debug information already to Nuki support and posted several times here, but nobody is reacting. I wonder if Nuki is still interested in feedback of the Beta program? If not, then let me know , so I will go to the standard release channel

We’re definitely interested in your feedback. Will contact support. Thanks for getting back to us!

When having this issue again, please contact customer support via “Help → Contact customer support”. Thank you!

There has been no change in the way how remote access works with this release. Furthermore the Nuki App does not even know if your phone communicates via WIFI or mobile date.

Can you please check if the private relay feature of iOS15 is turned on?
If yes, please try to switch it off.

Please report back if this did fix your issue.