APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2.7.0-Beta

We released the new iOS app version 2.7.0-Beta.

What’s new?

• Show battery status in percent (requires Smart Lock 1.0 firmware 1.10.0 and newer or Smart Lock 2.0 firmware 2.8.1 and newer)
• NEW: Smart Door. With this update you can manage the brand new Smart Door in the Nuki app
• Improved Smart Lock setup flow
• Performance improvements and bug fixes

Please update your Nuki app and give us your feedback!

what’s the “new smart door”?
Couldn’t find anything on your website, this forum or google :sweat_smile:

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Please be patient, more information about the Smart Door will be available on our website in the next few days. :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems to be a door with build-in Nuki inside.
I am curious about how to change the battery.

Here you go: Smart Door


The log doesn’t show manual opening with a key anymore. Is that an issue of the app or of the SL/Bridge (which is also on the latest beta version)?

Do you have Nuki Web or an Android App connected with which you could compare the activity log entries shown?

Ich habe das Problem glaube ich verstanden: gibt es kein Log für “Falle zurückgezogen” sondern nur für aufgesperrt/zugesperrt?

Initial Message:


I’ve tried this Beta version and the stable version on the App Store - seems like after pairing the Smart Lock, it’s not persisted in the app as a paired device anymore, so there is no way to access it again unless you factory reset and pair once more. This also makes it impossible to pair it with the Bridge, because it never shows in the list of paired devices.

Details: iPhone 11 Pro (iOS 14 Developer Beta 3)
Nuki: 2.7.0 (2020)

Any ideas on why this happened (my previously paired device also stopped showing, I always see the initial page with two UIButtons (Set up device and Enter invitation code), even after successfully pairing.

Update 1: I have paired the Bridge with Smart Lock (without the app_, however, I still can’t access and manage my Smart Lock because the app does not persist it, and sees it as already paired so requires it to be unpaired.

Update 2: After restarting my phone a couple of times, and re-installing and re-setting up all without the app itself (pairing the Fob and Bridge without the app again), it started to appear. It looks like it is working again.