APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2.4.0-Beta

We released the new iOS app version 2.4.0-Beta.

What’s new?

  • iOS 13 compatibility improvements. We are preparing the Nuki app for the upcoming iOS 13 release. Full compatibility will only be available when Apple releases the official version of iOS 13.

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Please update your Nuki app and give us your feedback!

With newest release 2.4.0 Beta now notifications works again and doesn’t crash


Logs are still showing the wrong time zone despite time zone being set correctly in the app

We released the new iOS app version 2.4.0-Beta.

What’s new?

  • Fixes a problem with the Opener reconfiguration.
  • Bug fixes, especially for the Opener and Push Notifications.

Now app crashes again when entering notification settings of opener. Works fine with notification settings of Nuki smart lock 2.0
Did just install app. I did not remove and re install app
Now tested at the iPad as well with the new app and started with notification settings of opener. Now the opener notification settings work but the app crashes with the smart lock settings. So it seems it just works with the settings for the first device you do edit. When entering the second it crashes. Using iOS 13.1 beta

@Frank_Weber thanks for your feedback! At the moment I’m not able to reproduce the crash. I will PM you to exchange more details.

Same here. On iOS 13.1 beta 2 the 2.4.0-beta crashes while opening the notification settings.

Me not, on iOS 13.1 beta 2 the 2.4.0-beta (italian version) notification work correctly

We released a new iOS app 2.4.0-Beta version.

What’s new?

  • Improvements for the Opener setup.
  • iOS 13 compatibility
  • Bug fixes, especially for the Push Notifications

With the new version I tried on iPad and iPhone and no longer have the crashes while entering notification settings I had in the last beta version of the app.
I also did change some settings and it works.

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No issues with this app-version so far. Time Zone works correct now, no crashes while entering notification settings. (IOS 13.1 beta 3)