APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2.4.0-Beta for iOS 13

Have you already registered for the special iOS 13 beta version on TestFlight via the link above?
Alternatively, you can send us an email with your Apple ID to

oh no, I thought the new beta for iOS 13 come within the test flight app. I sent you my apple id.
Thanx for your tipp.

First impression is good- small bug in notifications.letterheight is only halfheight with my Iphone XR

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Bugs so far, can’t register for the web status updates in the app as when I get to the enter your email address screen there is no keyboard, then when clicking the back button it doesn’t work until I leave and return to the app. Also activity log is 14 hours ahead of time - we are GMT + 12, so there’s both a time zone and an incorrect day fault here. For example I opened the door at 8:03am today with the button and the log shows today @ 10:03pm. The time zone and time on the lock is correct, and my phones clock together with its location in settings > general > date and time are correct

New app works well on iOS 13, but I had some troubles updating the Nuki Firmware. Three times failed to send the firmware to the Nuki lock, then it succeeded (I had to shut down my Apple Watch and keep the phone very near to the lock for this to happen).

Can you please check it out?

One more thing. Why I have to download the firmware using the app? Since I have also the Nuki bridge, is not possible for the lock to download the new firmware by itself and ask only for am installation confirmation inside the app?

Thank you

Hey there,

App crashes when setting up a new opener right after the „open your intercom“ info screen.
Latest iOS beta, app beta 2.4.0

Thanks for all the feedback!

We collect all these points and will include them in one of the next beta releases for iOS 13.

Full compatibility will only be available when Apple releases iOS13. So, please keep in mind that iOS13 is currently only a beta version of the OS which Apple recommends to not use on production devices.

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With the reinstall now it mainly works for iOS 13.
both on iPad and IPhone.
Also can install and use it on the watch (not watch os 6 :sunglasses:)
Unfortunately on the phone setting up the notification settings always leads to a crash.
I could also reproduce it on the iPad.
Once you did change notification settings the app always crashes when you want to enter the menu.
Looking forward to a fix in the next beta.

With the release of iOS 13 Beta 6, Apple has fixed some bugs that have caused crashes in the Nuki app.
Due to these changes in the iOS 13 beta version, there should be no more crashes or display problems in the app.

Let us know if you spot any other problems with the new beta version of iOS 13.

Even with iOS public beta 6 I still have the same problems with notifications. App either reports no internet connection when entering the notifications menu or crashes.

no problems with notifications on beta7 for me.

We released a new iOS app version 2.4.0-Beta.

This version contains further iOS 13 compatibility improvements and is available for all beta testers. So there is no longer a special app version for iOS 13 beta users.

Please update your Nuki app and give us your feedback!

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We have closed the special beta tester group for iOS 13, because it is no longer needed.

If you want to continue being a beta tester of our Nuki App (if you’re not already), you’re welcome to join the general beta tester group.

Release ver. 2.4 removed Siri shortcuts support! Good bye voice commands! Is this coming back?

Yes, we are already working on it and we will publish a fix in one of the next releases.

Thanks! :heart_eyes: can’t wait!

I wanted to try out Siri Shortcuts today and I couldn’t find the setting in the Nuki app.
Then I found this post.
When is the new release with the re-enabled Shortcuts support scheduled?
Thanks a lot!

We’re still working on a solution.
But you can register as a beta tester and get the update as soon as it is available.