APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2.0.2-Beta

(Kerstin Kropf) #1

We just released the new iOS app version 2.0.2-Beta (1068).

What’s new?

  • Auto Unlock & Smart Notifications bug fixes and improvements.

  • Fixes firmware update problems with Smart Lock 1.0.

  • Pasting content from the clipboard is re-enabled.

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Please let us know if you can notice any improvements in the Auto Unlock feature!

Nuki Android App Auto Unlock: Alpha Test
(Damy cruts) #2


Maybe its a little short testing since the update was released yesterday,
but the auto lock and unlock feature with the bridge works fine atm,
the only thing that does not work is opening the door automatic, u need to have the app opened fully before the door opens.

I dont know if there is an issue that i am not running an beta firmware(since i got the upgrade 2.0 lock since 2 days, and that one is still running stock firmware).

(Jürgen Pansy) #3

Do you use Auto Unlock expert or standard settings?

(Damy cruts) #4

expert settings,

leave geo: lock door
enter geo: unlock door

(Jürgen Pansy) #5

Please follow the steps described here What you can do, to help us debug Auto Unlock and send the debug log directly to me (

(Christian Schulte) #6

In the past the AutoUnlock worked really well, then the Nuki always got new functions and it got worse from the feeling.
With the Nuki 2 I had hoped that the AutoUnlock would finally work better again, new maybe faster hardware? But unfortunately this is not the case. Even the iPhone XS which supports Bluetooth 5.0 didn’t improve.
What I don’t understand is, if I activated GeoFence, the Nuki would have to start scanning via Bluetooth when I am in this area. But it takes much too long until the AutoUnlock reacts, if it reacts. The Nuki should switch the scanning interval automatically from slow to fast if you have set the power saving mode to automatic! But exactly that doesn’t seem to work.

(Jürgen Pansy) #7

The new iPhones have even “deeper” power saving & sleep modes than any other iPhone we know. The power saving mode of the Smart Lock has no influence on this. Furthermore the iPhone behaves differently for every user, which makes every case an individual one.

Therefore please follow the steps described here What you can do, to help us debug Auto Unlock and send us a debug log.