APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2.0.0-Beta

We just released the new iOS app version 2.0.0-Beta with a ton of brand new features for you to test.

What’s new?

  • The Auto Unlock feature has been structurally reworked and should work more reliably now.

  • Nuki now supports Siri Shortcuts. You can use Siri Shortcuts to perform frequently used locking actions with voice commands. For security reasons, Siri shortcuts are only executed within Bluetooth range of the Smart Lock. Enable Siri Shortcuts in the Nuki app menu > Siri Shortcuts.

  • Support for our new Nuki Smart Lock 2.0.

  • Support for our new Nuki Keypad.

  • Fixes a bug where the Nuki status ring was not displayed correctly under iOS 12.

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Update your Nuki iOS app and try out the new features!
Please let us know if you can notice any improvements in the Auto Unlock feature.

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There is an updated version of the iOS app 2.0.0-Beta available for you to test, containing another nice feature!

What’s new?

  • New complications for the Apple Watch Series 4.

  • We have optimized the app for the new Smart Lock 2.0 and the Nuki Keypad. In other words, we fixed a few bugs… nothing in particular for you to test (yet).

How do you like the new iOS app version 2.0.0 so far? How does the reworked Auto Unlock feature work for you? We’re looking forward to your feedback!

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