App Update: Nuki Android App 2023.7.1-beta

We released a new Android app version 2023.7.1-beta .

What’s new?

2023.7.1-beta (757) 28.06.2023

With this release we discontinue the support for Android 6. Android 7 is now minimum requirement.


  • Various areas of the Nuki app have been revised to further improve the user experience
    • You can now switch to your favourites by tapping on the Nuki logo on the main screen.
    • New and improved sidebar (menu).
  • Wear OS: improved device sync - new devices are loaded in the background.


  • Fixed an issue where the Watch OS app was not working in standalone mode.
  • Performance optimizations and bug fixes

Please update your Nuki app and share your experience and describe unexpected behaviour in the comments.