App Update: Nuki Android App 2023.10.1-beta

We released a new Android app version 2023.10.1.

What’s new?

2023.10.1-beta (792) 18.09.2023


  • Security and transparency: To indicate protected areas in the Nuki app we’ve introduced a lock icon
  • Share invitation code or scan QR code: Now, you can grant access to your door by sharing the invitation code or scanning the QR code
  • Conveniently add new devices: We’ve optimized the menu to provide better support when adding new Nuki devices


  • We have also been working on minor changes and improvements in the background. This makes the Nuki app run even more smoothly.

2023.10.1-beta (794) 26.09.2023


  • minor bug fixes and improvements

2023.10.1 Wear OS (79301) 26.09.2023


  • We have improved the user experience for our Wear OS users

2023.10.2-beta (796) 09.10.2023


  • We fixed a bug which caused crashes for devices on Android 14 which have a Garmin device paired

Please update your Nuki apps and share your experience.

Neither the normal nor the beta app work on my Pixel7pro with Android 14.

do you by any chance have a Garmin Watch connected? we found out that there are some interferences with Android 14 and Garmin, which causes our app to stop working properly.
we’re already working on getting a hotfix for that into beta soon!

if that is not the case we’re happy for any further details to have a look into it

Yes I have a Garmin Vivo Active 4. So I stay tuned for your update.
I can manage the NUKI via Home Assistant (MQTT) in the meantime.

I joined now the beta program. Installed the beta. Did a reboot. The app still crashes. :worried:

that’s because the current Beta in the App store does not have the hotfix implemented yet.
As soon there is a new Beta version (including the hotfix), I’ll give you an update!

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Yes, I also have a Venue 2 plus connected.
Ok, then I’ll wait for the hopefully soon update of the beta app.

My Pixel 7pro have also the same problem…no chance to start nuki an open my door​:expressionless::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Kai1 @Xwolf @Thomas_Schindele
the updated version with the hotfix has just gone live.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but the review process took longer than expected this time.

Please report if the hotfix worked for you and in case not any further details are more than welcome.

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Everything works now!
Regards Kai


App is working again!