App Update: Nuki Android App 2022.10.1-beta

We released a new Android app version 2022.10.1-beta.

What’s new?

2022.10.1-beta (699) 27.09.2022


  • New display of permissions - in the device settings the permissions are now divided by User, Keypad and Fob
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

2022.10.1-beta (702) 30.09.2022


  • Fixed Android 12 permission issue: once the “Nearby devices” permission is lost, the app asks for permission.

Please update your Nuki app and share your experience and describe unexpected behaviour in the comments.

Attention all Android 12 users. With the current 2022.10.1-beta (699) version of the app, we updated the permission handling for Android 12.

To ensure the Nuki app is able to connect to a device though bluetooth, please make sure the app has the “Nearby devices” permission enabled. A future version will address this issue.

The Android 12 permission issue ist fixed with version 2022.10.1-beta (702).