APP UPDATE: Nuki Android App 2.6.3-Beta

We released the new Android app version 2.6.3-Beta .

What’s new?

• Compatibility enhancements with Android 10
• Performance improvements and bug fixes

Please update your Nuki app and give us your feedback!

Does those enhancments and fixes for Android 10 means that auto unlock is working more stable?


@popy The enhancement also include better checks for activity recognition being enabled. This is needed for better location data and so should indirectly help to improve Auto Unlock for some users, yes.
Retesting it and providing us log files for remaining issues with this version will definitly help us to verify the improvements.

Thx for clearing things up.
I have sent in an log from App 2.6.1 on 15.01 with ticket number 1635.
There i wanted to try 2.6.1 with auto unlock.
It worked two times very good and then really really delayed -> i was behind my door for several minutes.
Maybe your devs could check the log to see what was wrong and improve 2.6.3 further.

ok, i will install beta 2.6.3 today and see if the issue is gone.
will come back here.

PS.: Sorry for OT: i did’nt remember -> can i upgrade to beta without data loss of the app?
When i remember correctly a downgrade without data loss is not possible, right?

Yes, that never should be a problem.

This depends if there are changes to the App database in the version. In many cases downgrading will work, but as it depends on from which version you came before (and can not be guaranteed in any case) we also give the warning that downgrading could remove the authorizations.

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ok, thanks.
I will upgrade to the beta and test AU.
Will come back to you.

AU did not worked. The notification for Opener & Smartlock popped up too late when i was already in the house. Also after the notification i was waiting in front of the nuki door without success.
I have a debug log of 2.6.3, will send you a pm with the log.

Hmm, since Update to latest Beta for Android 10 support, Autounlock is more now more instable.
Before it was OK and better.
if you need information let me know what i can send you.

When will the Push notification error/bug/problem with oneplus Handy fixed?