APP UPDATE: Nuki Android App 2.4.2-Beta

We released the new Android app version 2.4.2-Beta.

What’s new?

  • Auto Unlock bug fixes and improvements

  • Bug fixes related to the Nuki Opener

  • Improved retries for devices shown as “offline” in the App

Please update your Nuki app and give us your feedback!

Hello Stephan,

auto unlock was not really usable in the last stable release.
Saw the beta and want to opt in.
Whats exactly was fixed and improved on auto unlock?

Just a small question, when i opt in in google play store’s beta programm and upgrade to the beta,
can i opt out and get the next stable?

Or do i have to uninstall/reinstall and setup the app again after switchiing STABLE <-> BETA.


Even though it normally works I can not guarantee you that you can DOWNGRADE from any Beta App version to the latest stable one without loosing your connected devices.

But data on the Smart Lock/Opener will not be lost in any case, so you can just repair your App with it and access everything (Admin PIN may also have to be entered again). So it would only be a problem if you got devices in your App for which you can not easily get new invites.

If you use Nuki Web you would also make sure to merge any new App user with the old one (or make the reinvite directly from Nuki Web in the first place).

You can PM me with your exact issues so I can crosscheck if those are covered with the latest changes in the Beta.

I configured the opener to “ring to open” when entering the geofence. Auto open was activated but not Ring to open.
V 2.4.2
Debug Mode is on. Tell me if you need Logs for abslysis