APP UPDATE: Garmin app 2022.4.1

We released a new Garmin app version 2022.4.1.

What’s new?

2022.4.1 - 11.04.2022


  • Support for the Garmin fēnix 7 series and several others

Please update your Nuki app and give us your feedback!

I cant install the app due to an ‘no internet connection’ error after I click install and aggree the permissions of the app…see screenshot below. I tested in the wifi only, 4G/5G only, activated the wifi on the fenix 7…dunno the trigger of the ‘internet connection’…

Looks like an issue with the Garmin Connect IQ app - please contact Garmin support.

seems2be, because actually it worked with the installation. I saw (btw) the version of february 2022 instead of april 2022…maybe this was the result of being impatient :slight_smile: anyway it worked now and already tested successfully! thanks for the rollout!

The Garmin Edge devices are not listed as compatible devices, ist this just a mistake or are these devices really not compatible?

Usually the Edges support ConnectIQ.

Thanks and best regards.

Hi Joachim,
Garmin Edge devices are not supported.


Will the Garmin Watch app work without a phone connection in the future? Or is this a technical limitation of the Watch?

The Samsung and Apple watches are able to work without the phone.


It is compatible with Venu Sq, but not the more recent one Venu Sq 2. Could you enable it?

We will update the app in the near future.