API states tables


Where can I get the states tables for all the params of the state object in the http smartlock API ?

I found the state table for the params state (lock/unlock/unlatch/motor…) and actions, but where are the tables for the doorState, trigger, mode etc… ?

    "state": {
    "mode": 2,
    "state": 1,
    "trigger": 1,
    "lastAction": 0,
    "batteryCritical": false,
    "doorState": 0

Thanks you!

It seems you are mixing up the Web API (#apis:web-api) and the (local Bridge) HTTP API (#apis:http-api).

The HTTP API has no doorState yet. And there is also no mode or trigger.

All other states can be found here:


The Web API model can be found at our Swagger instance at


by switching from “Example Value” to “Model”.

Ok, great, the “Model” panel in the swagger is what I was searching for !
Sorry for the misunderstood and thanks you for your answer !

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