API Nuki + Hostaway

Hi I’m Santiago Armillas of RentitUP Housing Experience, We need a development via API of nuki Smart Hosting with Hostaway.

We currently manage about 40 nuki locks.

We were with Smoobu integration but now we have moved to Hostaway.

We currently have no way for nuki to generate the codes for us.

We would need an API that connects both systems and generates unique codes that only work for active reservations and check in and check out times.

This code would then be sent as we did with Smoobu in an automatic message to guests.

Please tell me if it would be possible to do this development and if you know a guide or someone who can do this job for us.

Thank you very much in advance.

Santiago Armillas

Please contact our B2B support (b2b-support@nuki.io). They can have a look at your specific request / problem.