API lock action '/unlock' actually triggers lock action '/unlatch'

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Nuki Bridge API
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The command ‘/unlock’ actually unlatches the door.
In the API description it is written ‘Send the simple lock action “unlock” to a given Nuki device’
This description is not correct, as it does not send the lock action ‘1 - unlock’, but the lock action '3 - unlatch


unlocking door using API command ‘/unlock’


It’s a bug, not a feature :wink:


I use it to unlock the door using mygekko smart home system via http-api

As mentioned in the spec, the /unlock command ends in an “unlatch” if you set your Smart Lock to “knob”: https://developer.nuki.io/page/nuki-bridge-http-api-1-12/4#heading--simple-lock-actions

Do you have it set to “handle” and it still unlatches?

I actually had it set it to ‘knob’. I will try setting it to ‘handle’ now. Thanks!
Other way was to use the API command ‘lockAction’, this worked out well.

Correct. For my flexibilty, this is the way to go.
The “simple lock actions” are there to be used if you just want to trigger the default setting for you device (device-type / handle-type agnostic).

Setting to handle was the solution. Thanks.