API integration support


Is there anyone here that can help me with API integration?
We can use Teamviewer and we can arrange a hourly fees.

Thank you in advance.

(sorry if the answer is already somewhere in this forum, could not find it)


Hi Roman!

What is your goal with the API (and with which)? Maybe I can help you to find the correct spot to start.


Hello Stephan,
Thank you for answering.
We are trying to implement Nuki system, to allow customers to do self-shopping.
We have built a platform (php + mysql), and we would like to allow customer, within their private account, to log in in the platform, and from there, if they are well located by the phone GPS, they can open a Nuki equipped door. That’s mean they can “call” the Nuki API, and this open the door.

They will not be able to do anything with Nuki, they just have a button, that will make appear in their account, if they are allowed (GPS verification from our part), to call the API that will open the lock.

The door will be quipped with a spring, that since you release the door, it will be close again, so if anyone from outside, want to get in, it also has to “call” the api, to repeat the process. The client that is inside, would be always able to open the door, that will never been locked for inside customers, for security reason.

I know , I did repeat a bit myself, but just want to make sure I am detailed enough.

Is it clear or do you need more details?

First, I thought I will have to go through a router like eedomus, but it seems that the Nuki Bridge and API could be enough to perform our request. Let me know if that’s right?

I also get that is not a very complicated task, because I understand a bit some “things”, but I would prefer to have someone “skilled” to support us in our implementation and to have it, if anything get weird. I first looked for a Nuki Pro in Switzerland, but it seems you don’t have such contacts in your map (Nuki website).

I first used a Nuki years ago for a small project, but it did not last (the project). And now, I use a Nuki for my home, everyday, and I love it, it works great!

A bridge would be enough I guess. Must have the same network as your platform ro call a simple rest service. You can even enter the bridge command in a browser for testing. Nothing complicated, just have a look at the bridge API.

@benzman81 would you help us, we can arrange an hourly fee and compensate you for the time spent. I am sure it’s not that complicated, just don’t want to concentrate on this and like the idea that have someone skilled doing it… :wink:

Sorry, I am quite busy, bit ot is really dead simple :wink:

The only thing you need is to send the unlatch command to your lock.
The easiest solution is most likely to send an https call to the web api.

Just execute something like this:
curl -X POST --header ‘Accept: application/json’ --header ‘Authorization: Bearer YOURTOKEN’-d ‘{ \
“action”: 3, \
“option”: 0 \
}’ ‘https://api.nuki.io/smartlock/SMARTLOCKID/action’

This is how to get the token: Web API Authentication

Thank you.
I see in the solution here, that you execute an url with some code before (curl…), is it possible to action the nuki, also only, with a complete url, that contains every necessary information contained in the url ?

It is a URL. Everything else are just headers and POST data which you should be able to easily send with every library/tool that makes HTTPS requests. curl is just such a tool for the unix command line. Take what ever you want for the whatever programming language you use.

ok. So will try to go forward by myself with your help.

Now , I just want to try to open the door to test it with the url:

so, I have to write this:


then what? open? with the token I find in the app?

Thank you in advance.

anyone can help?