API Extension: Battery Capacity in percent (%)

Product name

NUKI lock with NUKI battery pack


Add API call to get the remaining battery capacity in %


see above


I want to charge the batterypack depending on the remaining battery capacity. (I use homematic to parse an api call) Start charging at 20%, stop charging at 100%.


see above

As far as I know that already works. I have the same mechanism in place with my Home Assistant setup.

You Get it via the Bridge API by just calling the list service of your lock. The value you are locking for can be found at “batteryChargeState”.

Hope I got your initial request correctly though :slight_smile:

As @bvelte already stated this sound like a feature we already have in our APIs.
Are you using the Bridge API or the Web API? Maybe I can help you finding the correct values or an issue which is unique on your side to solve this.

Hi Benjamin and Stephan,

indeed i have the bridge. I checked the latest API doc 1.12 from this site and nowhere it mentions “batteryChargeState”. Please post an API Call so that i can use it for my nuki. Thank you.

After much guessing and digging i found it. So thanks Benjamin for pointing me in the right direction. But the fact remains, it’s an undocumented api variable.

Will it avaible also for the opener?
So far it is only at the smart locks

Hi Ulrich,

sorry, I did not see your comment. Hope everything works fine for you.