API does not recognize the door is open while NUKI app realizes it

when getting the smartlock status via https://api.nuki.io/smartlock/{smartlocknumber} the result shows sometime state->doorState = 2 even though the door is open (3 is epxected). It is interesting though that the NUKI app itself realizes that the door was opened and shows the door as open. Only the API is not realizing it. Also in some cases i have the reverse scenario (door is locked but doorState is 3 in the API, while the Nuki app itself has the correct status).

It happens in roughly 30% of the time - the other time it works. The NUKI app seems to be always correct, only the API seems to have the problem. I tried to narrow down in which exact situations it happens, but were not successful yet.

Happy to help with any logs, live testing etc. just let me know what you need.

P.S.: German speaking & loving your product :slight_smile:


The nuki App always pollls the state directly from the Smart Lock, while the server (for the API= gets updates pushed via the bridge. So in cases you describe this would hint to a synchronization issue.
You can check this by running a /sync command on the Web API and then rechecking the doorState or by checking Nuki Web (which should also have the same state as the Web API).

If it is the case it would be best if you contact our support via https://nuki.io/en/support-request/ or contact@nuki.io to help you check for possible issues with your bridge-connection.

Thanks, seems that first doing the sync helped for the smartlock, but the opener still has the problem not reliazing that it switched to the continuos mode. Even after syncing there seems to be a delay of ca. 10-20 seconds or sometimes not realizing at all that the status changed?

The status not being shown correctly would mean that the sync failed in fact. Normally every status change on an Opener or Smart Lock should automatically be pushed to the server, so this should be checked anyway.

Hi Stpehan, my sync calls return in 204. So i assume the sync looks good? Nevertheless it is not synced directly. Delay of up to 20 seconds e.g. for the continuos mode recognition on the Opener. Also i randomly get a 423 error, with no details though as the stackTrace is surpressed (stackTrace … surpressedExceptions).

Is there a way i can provide more details or logs so you can debug this? I could also provide you my postman collection, so that you can try this for yourself