Api call State not working properly


I’m trying to use the API state call. It was working fine but it seems that 1 week ago the api stoped working and it’s returning false. When i get list api (attached below) lock “puerta” (0) is not answering much information.
What can i do? Thanks.

“deviceType”: 2,
“nukiId”: XXXXXXX,
“name”: “Portal”,
“firmwareVersion”: “1.9.3”,
“lastKnownState”: {
“mode”: 2,
“state”: 1,
“stateName”: “online”,
“batteryCritical”: false,
“timestamp”: “2022-11-07T18:35:03+00:00”
“deviceType”: 0,
“nukiId”: XXXXXX,
“name”: “Puerta”

Looks like the lock is offline. Did you check if it is visible in the /info endpoint?

I’ve checked and it seems online. Also I can open with app/internet

Here is the info from /info endpoint

  "deviceType": 0,
        "nukiId": XXXXXX,
        "name": "Nuki_2B63E055",
        "rssi": -57,
        "paired": true

Does it work if you remove the bridge from the power plug and plug it in again?
Please DM me the output of the /log command.