API and NukiWeb

Hello everyone, we are developing a web system for the management of various offices within a structure.
In our system we will have multiple smartlock devices with keypads to manage multiple doors, including an access door to the space and doors for individual offices.
Each user must have a pin for his office door and the one for the access door.
a) Can we have the same pin on two different ports?
b) Or must the Pins be unique throughout the system?
In the forum we read something about synchronization with nuki web: "User data is only synced to the Nuki Web once per day (bc authorizations are always directly stored on the Smart Lock and not on our servers), so if you created a user and later changed the rights for it that would explain this. "
c) How does the synchronization between smartlock + keypad and nuki web work in case of creation/deletion of the pin via cURL api?
d) Is it in real time?
e) Is it necessary to launch any sync operation? In case which one?
Thanks for any help.



If you work solely with the Web API to add/remove/edit codes, every command will be passed through the Nuki Web system over to the Smart Lock, therefore you do not have to care about synchronization. This can only become a problem if authorizations / codes are deleted on the Smart Lock directly via BLE (e.g. Nuki App). Those changes need to be synchronized back into Nuki Web, which will only be done once a day automatically.

No. The Nuki Web server will store your request and send it over to the Smart Lock. Usually this takes only a few seconds, but it still is store and forward. i.e. you do not get an immediate return code from the API if the Smart Lock could not be reached.
Therefore it makes sense to query the API a few seconds later if your code has been stored in the Smart Lock correctly.


Thank you so much for the replies, you are awesome. One last (I hope) question:
In the case of PIN generation via API with “time window”, does the system manage daylight saving time or must it be managed manually when generating dates?
Thanks again!

Hi, I found this last question Alessio made about Daylight Saving and I think would be interesting to have it answered just in case someone can do that. I’m right now struggling to find this kind of info in the docs :slight_smile: