Any Smart Door users?

This is more a user type question/discussion but sadly Nuki do not have customer forums.

I have currently a Nuki 2.0 Door lock and that is fine. I am now looking at replacing some windows and planning to also get a new front door. I am therefore looking at having a door made to accept the Siegenia KFV Genius lock and the Nuki Smart Door accessory kit for that lock to provide a built-in mains powered solution.

Does anyone here have any experience of this solution - whether that is with a fully off-the-shelf door with lock as listed on the Nuki site, or with the parts and a built-to-order door. (The mechanics would be effectively the same.)

If so any tips, gotchas, or other comments?

The sorts of things that would be good to know relate to auto-locking, door closed sensing, etc. and if there are any differences compared to the ‘normal’ Nuki 2.0 or 3.0 lock.

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