Any lock supports ZigBee?

Does Nuki have a retrofit door lock that communicates ZigBee 3.0 and that I can use in my own Hub/Gateway


I would also like to see ZigBee support in the Nuki 3.0.
It was already planned for V2.0 and never realised nor oficially cancelled.
It would help many users to use it with their own gateway.

Hi! I think they officially cancelled it in the past, but not sure about!? But I know they wrote in the past about issues with zigbee and because of this issues tgey cancelled it!

I completely agree. You are so right. So there is hope.
It would be great to get an official statement from a Nuki staff.

There is a long thread about Zigbee in Smart Lock 2.0. Things did not change with 3.0 on Nuki side. What has changed is that the Zigbee Alliance morphed into CSA and tries to create a new standard called “Matter”.

Aha, very interesting! Do you know, if this new matter standard should replace zigbee, or is it a new standard besides zigbee!? Thanks!

It is a new standard which uses some elements of Zigbee (e.g. device data model), but does not replace it. The aim of Matter is to become THE standard. Of course nobody knows if that will ever be the case or not.

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Wow, very interesting! Thanks for the informations!