Android bridge connectivity issues with nuki lock2


I installed a bridge on a Samsung S5. I was able to connect it to my smart lock nuki 1. After the change of the smarlock to nuki 2 model, it is impossible to pair this smarlock to the bridge… I tried another S5 facing the same issue…
I installed the bridge on a galaxy S3 and there I was able to connect the nuki 2 hut but unfortunately the BT is now stuck and I’ m looking at an alternative…
I tried with other tablet like asus TF300T running android 5.1 without any success…
I can also install it on a Samsung note 9 running android 8.1 but I don’t want to use this phone as the gateway :-).

Is the BT module different on the 2 smartlock models?
Do you have some recommendations for troubleshooting? Is there a log that can be analysed? Are there some limitations on the BT with nuki 2?
Thanks for feedback

From our experience nearly no 2 BT stacks from different Android phones are the same. :-/
The Smart Lock 2.0 has another BT-chip, but I didn’t hear of problems yet of setups where v1 works on an Android bridge and SL 2.0 not.

And, yes, would be helpful to take a look at the logs. You can access them via the “help”-menu on the top right:

Just select “Send error log” to send it to our customer support and/or download it/send it to yourself.

Please add some note regarding the background when sending it to our customer support so the context is clear.

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I have the same issue, but I never had smartlock 1.0
S5 is not working at all, S3 worked and now it is not able to connect (pair) to the smartlock.
Please let us know the list of phones, which are tested and working fine in long term as bridges for nuki 2.0.

I second that. It took me a few different smartphones before finding a stable host.
In my experience Samsung S3 and s7 OnePlus was a no.
Now works and stable with lg4

Finally I have real NUKI BRIDGE and since that zero problems with connectivity since months… I couldn’t find any phone with software bridge, which worked without issues longer than a few days…