Analogue Ring Suppresion

Product name



Ring suppresion for stations that require a ring prior to work.


I have an Elcom BHT-210 and managed to get it to work with an extra Relay and the Generic/Analogue setting. Now I would love to get the ring suppresion to work, but the station needs the ring prior to work. So my two Ideas are :
A) Get two unused NUKI-cables to work as a switch for the actual speaker. That means I connect one cable to the socket for the speaker on the board and the other one to the speaker itself. Whenever the switch is open the ring will be as always, once NUKI shuts the connection between the two it’s silent without the station even knowing.
B) Maybe it’s even possible to “listen” to this cable in the first place so I don’t need a Relay for this particular Bus-System to work. This would definitely be the better option needing only 4 NUKI cables for the entire thing.


There seems to be no other way to silence the ring without attacking the speaker-cable directly as anything prior to that would hinder the station to activate.


I think it’s for everyone that participated in the BFT/BHT i2Bus thread in this Forum.
List all usecases you can think of!