Amazon Alexa Integration

Hi Levar !
It’s not a software issue or a problem with Nuki Bridge because for Thomas Braun works.
I think it is a server problem, a link between Amazon US Skill and Nuki Web.
Some two months ago I was able to lock the door only one time then error.
Now does not work anymore. “Device is unresponsive” from Amazon Alexa.
Amazon Service tell me … that issue can be solved only by Nuki team!
Nuki Team … please fix that issue!

Hi Braun !

What generation of Echo Dot do you have ?
Have you had any problems before?

Several Echos here. Never had issues with Nuki Integration.

I think you don’t have echo dot 3 or you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Actually I do own a Dot 3.
Still no issues here

What country Skill do you have install ?


Maybe for Germany works but for US not :frowning_face:

Hello Nuki Team !

It still does not work Smart Lock 2 with Alexa Dot 3rd …
After update Software App and Firmware v.2.8.15 to Nuki Smart Lock 2.0, power off and on NukiBridge, Activate Nuki Web in the Nuki App., reinstall Skill US to Alexa…
I can’t lock or open the door from Alexa. I can see only if the door is locked or opened.
Why ?

After several firmware updates to Nuki SL2, Nuki Bridge and Nuki Web Server updates, Amazon ALEXA can not communicate with Nuki Web Server and US Skill. A lot of time has passed with same old scene … :frowning:

I opened a support ticket a few days ago. This is what I received yesterday:

*Unfortunately we have some known issues with the international Alexa skill that are causing the problem you are describing. *
*Our developers are already working on a solution which we will provide. *

*Since we are dependent on the cooperation with the Alexa team to solve this, we are unfortunately not able to provide an exact timeline. *

Thank you for your patience.

Ritengo che l’apertura della porta tramite Alexa renda l’apparato molto meno sicuro e contraffabile. Se pure dovesse essere compatibile io non abiliterei mai Alexa all’apertura della porta, solo alla chiusura.

You can set a pin on Alexa for that action.

Hello Nuki Team!

Did you fix US Skill? or Amazon Team for thier Amazon Alexa App?
I have Amazon Alexa Version 2.2.383959.0 release in 27 JAN 2021.

@Miker Nice to hear!
To clear things up: Yes, we did an update to address the repeating issues, but wanted to proof everything with current known affected support cases first before broader announcing it (to avoid dissatisfaction in the case of further issues)!

Support Nuki (ticket 177277) referred me here to fix the problem.

My SmartLock 2.0 does not work with the Alexa app (echo dot 3 and 4)

I have tried every possible configuration. I even deleted and created new NukiWeb accounts. It didn’t do anything. I have downloaded US “skill”

In the Alexa app, only the status changes to “closed / open”. This proves that the Nuki app and Alexa are connected.
When I try to open the lock with Alexa, (screenshot)

I live in Poland, maybe Polish IP is a problem?

Should I reset the smartlock to factory settings and start a new configuration?
What can I do?

Please help.

There is some solution to the problem?

Hi Stephan,

I there a way to distinguished the operation direct from the device or via app/web?

I would like to implement one routine everytime the door is open from outside by app.

Thanks for any ideas or help,

Douglas Santana