Altex MX90

My intercom is the Altex MX90.

I was able to get the Nuki opener working using “other door”.
I connected the purple and blue cables to the first and third on the “a” side (red circles) as shown in the picture below.

Hopefully the above can help other people that has the same intercom. It works perfectly and I’m able to open the door to enter my building.

I suspect my intercom is fully compatible but I have no idea what the wires are.

Does anyone else have the same intercom? Or could maybe provide any guidance on what to try so that I could get the additional features provided by the opener?


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Thanks for sharing your knowledge. How did you solve the „ring to open“ function?
I have also an altex intercom (not exactly the same) and i can only open the door. But i would really like to use the ring to open function.

Did you ever get the “ring to open” working?
Just wondering if there’s been any progress with Altex intercoms.