Allow to fill 2FA code using copy&paste

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Nuki Web


The field to enter the 2FA code during login is impossible to be used with password managers.
Pasting the code from the clipboard would not work properly. Also, the visual appearance is not fully mobile compatible, e.g. it appears to be way to small for easy access.


It should be possible to paste the code from a clipboard to allow compatibility with password manages (e.g. 1Password on mobile or desktop).


It is really annoying to manually read the code from any of the authenticator apps. If a user decides to handle the second factor in a different way, this decision shall be respected.


Every time I need to authenticate with my Nuki Web account.

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A quick update for you on the current status:

There is already a similar feature request:

A rework of some Nuki Web features (also regaring 2FA) is planned, but I cannot give you any timeframe yet.

Thanks, Stephan! I honestly must have overlooked that as “password” was not really the same as the 2FA code and it actually worked for me pasting the password from 1Password…

If the other Feature Request is enough for you to track the changes, please feel free to close this one here in order to avoid duplicates.

The other feature request was far more general at first. So, yes, yours is the more clear one and should stay and we can maybe close the old one. :slight_smile:

An update regarding 2FA code in the browser:

This has been added when we started rolling out the new mobile Nuki Web version (see and will replace the current system on Nuki Web if there are no issues with it.