Allow to control the LED blinking via REST API

Since I somehow can’t post to Feature Request category, I’ll do it here:

Product name

Nuki 2.0 + Bridge


Allow to control the LED blinking via REST API.


It would be nice, if one could control the LEDs of the Nuki via REST API. One could specify in which intervals which LEDs should blink.


To be able to warn the user when he wants to leave the house, but the alarm system is still active - where opening the door would cause the alarm to trigger. Together with Openhab or something one could set the LED blinking when the alarm system has been enabled. If disabled, the custom LED blinking would be disabled.

I know there exists callbacks, but it seems that “unlocking” isn’t send or only with a bigger delay (4 seconds). So it would be already too late and the alarm would have already triggered since the doors was openend.

Would this help? Seems you can use the API to update the state of the led!/Smartlock/post_0_1_2_3_4_5

Hey, that could work, thx!