Allow Operner Sounds to be triggered through HTTP API

### Product name
Opener (in combination with Bridge)

### Summary
I want to be able to use the Opener as speaker for other notifactions in my SmartHome.


A new API endpoint where we can trigger the playback of one of the included Opener ringtones with a specified volume.


Why is this feature needed?

It’s always a problem in SmartHome setups, where to play audio notifications quickly that can be heard in the whole house.

Some use hardware as Sonos players or Amazon echos to do this, but playback of short sounds is often not reliable and the devices are not placed at a central position where it can be head from everywhere.

So the Opener would be a great for a notiification system.
As it has plently of different ringtones, these notifications would be easily distinguishable from the ringing door.


  • Notification when I leave the house and forgot to close some windows
  • Notification when the washing machine is finished

Just to put it out there: I would love this to be included in the Bridges API as well for local access :slight_smile: