Alexa routine when open the door

Hi, everyone.
I have already created a routine with Alexa in order to say Hello to my guests.
Actually, the routine works through a chain that I configured with this steps:

  1. When openning the door Alexa detect the Nuki sensor and launch a path where a light turns on.

  2. Alexa offers you a welcome phrase, previously configurated in three languages, spanish, english and french. So far, as Alexa has been configurated in spanish, when reading anynother language I have to write those words as them should sound, instead how it has should properly be written, but it works, with a quite strange accent but works.

  3. Alexay plays clasical music.

  4. When Nuki has the time configured to close itself, the routine shut off the pregunfigured routine, so no music or light are working any more.


How could I configure the routine in order to trigger it just at the first openning?
Every time we open the door, the routine gets activated, so guests listen every message as long as they open the door everytime.

May I configure the routine to act on the first openning instead of at every ones?

Thank you in advance.