Alcad MVB-002 + SCM-030 4 wires (2 bus wires)

I am making tests with my vídeo intercom and opener.
My system is ALCAD MVB-002 video intercom + SCM-030 connecting plate.
It has 4 wires + coaxial.
The 4 wires are: one for +, one for -, and two wires for BUS.
Here is a picture of the connecting plate:

And here is a pic of the opener connected:

I’ve made all the configuration process from the nuki app with GENERIC BUS METHOD. I’ve tried basic and enchanced connections.
The opener recognizes when rang from outdoor but it can’t open the door.
Note:My intercom needs to be activated to be able to open the door.
Any ideas? Can you help me?

did you get it to work? I have the same problem as you

I have the same problem with the ALCAD 9630005 SCM-040 DIGITAL BUS 4 + TWISTED P.

Someone have fixed this problem?