Airbnb notificatios go to wrong recipients

In the Airbnb Api web interface you may select the recipients for codes generated for your guests. Either have it mailed to the guests or to the host or both.
However the implementation is slovenly. If you select guest the mail is delivered to the host and contrariwise. I reported the bug several months ago but no action but the promise to improve „soon“ was taken yet…

Are you sure this bug is still existing? This should already be fixed. (Can check tomorrow in the office since when exactly.)

Hi Stephan, thaks for a quick reply!

I just chekced my inbox. Today I received an e-mail " Hello Xxxxx! Your host has granted you access to enter the following accommodation…"
In nuki web it was programmed to send invitation codes to the host AND the guest. I DID NOT CONFIGRE IT THAT WAY!!! As I know that I am receiving mails designed for my guests I would not want them to receive any freeky mail from you.

Please check your configs (and make sure settings of your customers are not overruled)

Hi Stephen, could you fix the issue?


The email is the same. If you choose a “host” option you will see the email the guests receives or would receive.

This is the default settings. We do not override settings you have set. I can not reproduce how and when your settings may have changed or be resetted (did you do a reconnect?).

I will do some more tests on this issue and get back to you next week.

Hi Stefan, please do further checks on your implementation. We do not want our guests to receive invitation mails from you. These mails should only go to the host and not to the guest.

Only today we recognized that our settings have been overrouled and mals go to the host and the guest.

Please impove your systems!

Thanks, Florian

@Florian0815 Could you please PM me the Nuki Web account e-mail used for the Airbnb connection, where your settings have been overruled, so I can forward more details for a check.

Hi Stephan, it goes to xxx@xxxxx.xx Florian

Thanks. Will send you a PM (you should not post your email here publicly).