Airbnb - Keypad/Smartlock - Opener/Keypad

Hi All Nuki Folks,

Here is the project in few words:
I need to grant access to Airbnb guests to 2 apartments in the same Building.

I would like to have a keypad next to each apartment + another keypad next to the main door of the building. The main door of the building has a Ubiquiti Door Access system.

Idea is, that the guest books Apartment A on Airbnb. It automatically generates a unique 6 digits code that will allow the guest to open, both the main door of the building (opener?) + the door of Apartement A (smartlock)

Can I group both keypads in order to enable the same 6 digits code ?
One would open the Maindoor (electric bolt) via opener ?
the second would open the door of the Apartment.

I thank you all the folks that took time to read my post.

The grouping and handing out of Keypad codes should work with the official Nuki Airbnb integration as you wish.
The Opener should be able to actuate the door through one of the relays on the Ubiquity Hub. You just need to keep in mind that the Keypad requires BLE connectivity to the Opener (i.e. max. 5m distance).

This is not a support forum. Please contact customer care if you want to have more detailed pre sales informations.

Hey Jurgen,
I already have the Airbnb/Nuki integration enabled for another accommodation and it works just great for the last 16 months. Never out of service in my case.

Regarding this new accommodation, I can manage to have Keypad at the front door within 5m from the Opener that would activate the first door, and I can obviously have the keypad close from the Smartlock in the apartment. So apparently all these should work fine.

Honestly that would be AWESOME :slight_smile: