Airbnb integration welcome message adjustment

Hi team, I’m using Nuki products at home and partly rent out my place via Airbnb. I’m using the Nuki & Airbnb integration with automatic sent welcome instructions on how to use the Nuki systems incl. access codes. Can I somehow adjust the welcome message sent via email/airbnb to meet specifications at my place?

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Hi Steffen,

This is in our roadmap, however, to get your exact requirement, could you please create a feature request for this here?

FYI, as you may be already aware, Airbnb never shares guest email with partners, instead only shares an email alias through which we send out an email notification with codes. Airbnb is retiring this feature in Sep 2023 and henceforth, all communication to the guests have to be sent via messages only. More details here.

If Airbnb stop using email on september 2023, how Nuki Smart Home will send message with app and codes to guests?

The message along with codes will be sent via the airbnb messaging channel, instead of an email.

Now that the cutover has happened for this functionality, i am 0/3 on successful times that Nuki has sent a message through the Airbnb app to guests with their code- it’s not working for me. I’m not sure if this is a weird period where guests that booked before this change was set in motion don’t get the message, but I have cross-checked my settings in Nuki Web and everything seems fine. Anyone else having this problem, were you able to resolve, what did you do?

Hello Adam,

Could you please reach out to our customer support to further investigate this issue? Thanks.

Bonjour, ni mon guest ni moi-meme n’avons reçu le message avec app et code via messagerie Airbnb.
J’ai dû l’envoyer manuellement par whatsapp; Je ne sais pas comment faire pour le générer et l’envoyer sur la messagerie Airbnb…
Merci de regeler ce problème rapidement car ce service payant ne fonctionne pas pour moi

I will reach out to you on DM as this need more data.

Bonjour Adam,
J’ai le meme problème que vous concernant Nuki Smart Hosting, mes voyageurs ne reçoivent plus le message… De votre côté, le problème a -t-il été résolu?