AirBnb Integration no longer working?

My guests that will be arriving tomorrow notified my of the fact that they have not received an email with codes for them to use to open my front-door.
I tried to logon using but that site does not respond.

Has the Airbnb integration been discontinued? What is going on? Why are the messages not being sent?

The Airbnb-page should be forwarded to the new Short Rental integration page (since the Nuki Web Relaunch start of July) and should work - at least after you log in again.
Else try to log on via directly and then go to

We lately had a lot of issues with the Airbnb integration due to undocumented changes on their API, but all hosts should have been informed via email (if not opted out - for data privacy reasons).
Also invites should work again, but we still recommend to keep a close eye on issues and manage it manually if unsure.

I would recommend not to use the airbnb integration now.
Invitations goes out to the customers however the keys are randomly deleted during their stays! u are not able to “keep an close eye on it” as that happens randomly and also in the middle of the night. One of my guests couldn’t come back to the apartment at 3am … however she received the automated farewell email by nuki ^^

This is really bad news. I also just discoverd that I cannot use the Nuki app to add new users when I am not within Bluetooth range. I only gave one of my guests a key (via Whatsapp) because at that moment that was the only whatsapp contact I had in my phone. No antother guest asks to receive a key and I just noticed that I cannot provide the guest with that key because I am not in Bluetooth range. Kan one code be shared between guests? I