AirBnb Guest invitation not working in a period when advertisement has been paused

A while ago I decided to ‘Pause’ my AirBnb Advertisement for a couple of months. In that period I already had one reservation. I did not cancel that reservation (and had no need to do so). When my guests arrived they said they did not have received an Invitation from Nuki, so I had to grant them access right to my Nuki smart lock manually.
Today I logged on to the Nuki Web and discovered that the link between my advertisement and the Nuki lock had disappeared.
This to me looks like an error. The invitation should have been sent even if that is within a period that an advertisement had been paused!

Thanks for your feedback. I will have to recheck with Airbnb what is the best/suggested way to still handle reservations for meanwhile deactivated reservations. At the moment we only get those for active ones with our integration.