Airbnb guest invitation is not sent out in expected time of 7 days in advance


the standard time for sending out an invitation to Airbnb guests is 3 days in advance I think.
Most of our guest like to get it more than 3 days before arrival. So I set this setting to 7 days. But it does not seem to work.
For example today, 17th of July, I got the invitation for a booking that start on 20th of July.


Thanks for the feedback. We could reproduce the issue and a fix should be available with the next update (normally this week).

@alexs Thx again for your report! The issue should be fixed now. Please recheck your settings and give us feedback if you still see invite sent out incorrectly in the future.

@MatthiasK Thank you for fixing it so quick. I didn’t change anything (setting was 7 days) and today I got an invitation for a booking that is 5 or 6 days in advance.

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This makes totally sense within our logic, as with the fix it automatically triggered at the next check for arrivals <7 days. Good to hear!

Hello Stephan,

Is it in the roadmap to communicate Airbnb guests not through email but through Airbnb chat? Since most of the communication between guests and hosts happens there, it would make a lot of sense.


Hi @katossi: This highly depends on Airbnb giving us access to this feature, but yes, we are actively working on achieving this. But as I said, it is not only up to us to decide if this feature will every get real.

Thanks Stephan,

I totally understand the “best” way to do it would be by using APIs from Airbnb, but even if they don’t, you could do like many other apps do and just simulate a login to Airbnb and just send the message just like a person would do. The email approach is not convenient (few people check that) and actually my guests are not even receiving the emails at all (maybe in their Spam folder, who knows) what makes the code sharing unpractical and very time consuming (and error prone). Should I log this as an enhancement request?

We will not implement a feature where a host has to share his Airbnb credentials with us (or have I misunderstood you here?).

Hi Stephen,

Thanks a lot for your prompt answer. I understand and share your concern regarding sharing Airbnb credentials, but there are technical ways to do this safely (many apps do it). Encryption and enforcing read only transactions with Airbnb would be a good start, but you have a great point and I would investigate the specifics of how others do it in order to help.



Hi again Stephen,

I just saw in Airbnb’s API description saying that they allow “Message guests seamlessly”. Is there maybe a permission that should be requested to Airbnb by Nuki in order to levarage that?

Sorry for my ignorance but Airbnb’s API details are not publicly available and therefore can investigate any further…


Yes, we are within the process to get access to more features (as I already stated somewhere on your questions :wink: ). I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you more on that on the moment, but I hope for the best. :slight_smile:

Hi Stephan,

I’m sorry I missed that and I apologize for so many comments. I just love your product and can’t get enough of it!

Looking forward to the new functionality (and the opener!).