AirBnb guest experience with Nuki (Feature Request)

Product name

Nuki Web App
(for guests)


Improve guests experience by not having them install any app.
Instead, a simple link with everything (locks, expiring dates, etc) pre-configured should point to a Nuki Web App that only allows the guests operations.
The guests experience should be:
1 - Receive the link for Nuki Web App for their reservation (*)
2 - Click the link and open the locks


In case you need an Opener or do not want to have the Keypad (for safety reasons), someone arriving to your house currently needs to do all these steps:
1 - Get message/link (via AirBnb/email/…) about an app they need to install
2 - Install the Nuki App
3 - Get the message (via AirBnb/email/…) with a code corresponding to the lock(s)
4 - Use the code in the Nuki App to add the locks
5 - Go to the Nuki App to Open the door(s)
6 - On Checkout they receive a message to uninstall the Nuki App

The purpose of this feature would be to replace all that for guests by a simple Nuki Web App.
This Nuki Web App would only have the absolutely necessary functionality for the guests: open locks, show expiry times/dates, possibly show keypad code (in case it exists).

The only steps a guest cares about are the ones that should exist.
And I believe it should be just these:
1 - Receive the link for Nuki for their reservation (*)
2 - Click the link and open the locks


To have guests with the best/simplest experience to open the property when they reach a new rental location.

Instead now they need to do all the steps mentioned above, which have the following disadvantages:

  • For some guests, step 2 is difficult (free space, security concerns, skill challenged, …, …).
  • Steps 3+4 seem simply cumbersome as you already did some installing, and now need to do more steps - the guest just wants to unlock the door(s).
  • And step 6 well, it should never have been there in the first place, so for most guests it is probably a relief to delete the app but for many others it will be clutter that will remain in their phone as they will forget to delete it.


This is mainly for rentals (AirBnb, …).
But also for the single time/occasional visitor to your house/etc.

Additional information

I had indicated some background, and how others have this securely in a post in “Discussion” if you care to read more about it (but it is mostly repeated here): AirBnb guest experience with Nuki