After Firmware Update still old firmware in api List comand


After update the devices the list cmd from the bridge api still shows the old firmware version.

With event will trigger an update of the list Comand ?

I tried to open close smart lock but no luck. After some time the list comand then shows the correct firmware version

Any news why I get the old firmware via list Comand for a full day?

Hi @PharaDos ,

the Bridge is fetching the Firmware version of the connected device only once per day, therefore you are seeing the new Firmware version on the day after it has been installed by requesting /list.
Alternatively you could trigger the /fwupdate HTTP command on the Bridge, which will force it to fetch the currently running Firmware version from the connected device.

Sorry there was a misunderstanding.

The firmware is already on the device but the list endpoint still show the old firmware. With the app I the the new firmware installed.

So it is seems to me that the list Comand also read the firmware version installed on the device only once a day. This makes no sense to me.
Why the app instantly shows the new firmware but the api List came shows still the old not installed Firmware anymore.

When will the bridge Api List comand show the new installed Firmware after one day? Or what is the reason that it shows still the old not anymore installed Firmware instead of the new installed Firmware.

Any news here?

It seems developer issues are not anymore responded. Should I ask the support or when can I get an answer?