After few days, my Nuki 4.0 PRO don't respond to MQTT command

Hi to everyone,

I have an issue with my Nuki 4 PRO (connected trought embedded wifi) with MQTT.

I have been configured the link from nuki and my home assistance instance.
The MQTT work perfectly for some days but after 2-3 days, without any reason, nuki doesn’t accept any command from MQTT rotocol!

In the app I don’t see any error o issue message.
All operation from the app work very well, but not from home assistant (MQTT).

I try to restart the MQTT
I try to restart Home Assistant Instance
I try to unlink e relink Nuki to my MQTT server

nothing works! To restore operation, I am forced to turn off and on the nuki (remove and insert battery pack).

After only this operation, the nuki return to works correctly for every few days, and then it doesn’t work.

I have the beta firmware (4.2.0 Beta) but the issue was also present with the previous stable firmware
My Home Assistant is Up to date (HA 2024.3.0) @ Mosquitto broker 6.4.0