Adjust widget features to your own personal relevant needs

Product name

Nuki Smartlock - Widget


Nuki has a handy widget with many features to operate the smart lock.
The widget has standard all features according to your door type (handle/bar)
features like Unlock/Lock/Open door/Lock’n’Go

But it would be nice if you guys can make it possible to let users adjust the widget to their own personal needs.
All the features together use a lot of unnecessary screen space on your phone while you maybe don’t use/need all of the features.


Adjust the widget to your own personal relevant needs by checking only the features you want to see on your phonescreen.
e.g. only the “unlock” or “Open door”


Saves screen space on the phone


My front door has a door bar and I use auto-lock to locks the door every time I close the door and the “open-door” widget feature to open the door.
In a situation like this, there is no need to use the Unlock/Lock/lock’n’Go features of the widget.

While my backdoor has a handle and I use the manual lock’n’Go or lock button on Nuki smart lock to lock it and use the “unlock” widget feature to unlock it. So also here I don’t need to use the Lock/Open door/Lock’n’Go on the widget.

By adjusting the widget to your own need, it will save screen space on the phone.