Add Unlock/Open as trigger for Google Home automations

Hi there, I have a Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 integrated with Google Assistant and I saw that is possible to trigger a Google Home automation when the door locks os jams.

I’d like to be able to trigger a routine when the door opens, like turning on a light or something.
But it seems impossible right now, is there maybe an update planned with that? Is it possible to request it as feature request?

I know that using third party integration like Home assistant I could achieve this kind of automation but I’d prefer to be able to do that using only Google Home.

Thank you!

Hi Tommaso,

I can take a feature request for this and put it on the roadmap. Besides, it would be good to have a feature request on the Developer Forum here to assess the priority. Could you please add it here?

FYI unfortunately you cannot do this via Google Home but home automation integration such as IFTTT can be used to do this, if you would like to automate immediately.

Sure I can open the topic in the other section.

I know I could use IFTTT to achieve the same automation right now but I’d like to have all the automations in one place.

Thanks again.

Closing this topic here as we have a feature request defined for this. Thank you!