Add "toggle" ability in Nuki iOS shortcuts

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro


Nuki supports lock/unlock operations through the iOS shortcuts app, please add the ability to “toggle” the lock.


The toggle operation through the shortcuts app will lock an unlocked door, and unlock a locked door.


I would like to have an nfc sticker which locks the door if it’s unlocked, or unlock the door if it’s locked, but there is no “toggle” operation, only lock/unlock.
Because of this I need two nfc stickers, one for lock and one for unlock which is unfortunate.

Another option is to expose a “get state” operation (doesn’t exist currently), and have the shortcut decide if to call lock or unlock.


Scan a single nfc tag when I leave home to lock the door, and the same tag when I arrive home to unlock the door.