Add options to “delay opening” screen

Product name

Nuki Openener / app


Add “2 seconds” delay option to opener delay options


Adding a “2 second” option to opener delay list


My door won’t open with 1 second delay - but will with 3. I’m sure other people have the same issue and would love to try with just 2 seconds to save 1 second multiple times a day (it adds up). Additional there’s screen space to add more options and I can’t imagine it would be a big task to add it both from front end and back end perspective (and since you are revisiting a lot of screens anyway)
You could also change it from a list to “+” and “-“ option so people have even more possibilities for delay options although that requires a bit more work.


Self explanatory but the goal is to Save seconds every day. Minutes every month and hours every year :slight_smile: